I’m Back!

I’m back! 

The last few months have been a whirlwind. 

I came home from Florida at the beginning of January and by the end of January I was back in Eugene working for the University of Oregon Athletic Department. I jumped right back into work and was insanely busy. 

I was working at the athletic department the day that March Madness was cancelled, which led to many more sports cancellations. The day of the cancellations happened to be Oregon’s Pro Day as well. I had been looking forward to Pro Day because it was an incredible opportunity for me to be a part of a major event as well as be around future NFL athletes and NFL scouts. I was able to ask questions to better understand what athletes did to prepare for the event and what the next steps for the athletes were as they headed into the NFL Draft. I also learned about the media side of things and observed how the NFL Network and ESPN worked with live streaming and interviews. 

As you can tell, I was very interested in the event, but unfortunately almost everyone else in the building didn’t want to be there because everyone was upset about the cancellations and people were concerned about keeping their jobs going forward. 

That being said, when you work in the sports industry, it’s pretty difficult to keep working all of the time when all sports are cancelled. I didn’t expect Pro Day to be my last event at the University of Oregon, but I made a decision a week later to head home and spend this period of uncertainty with my family. 

Now, like many, I am once again looking for a new job. After working crazy hours in Florida and crazy hours in Eugene, I was pretty tired and run down. To be honest, I needed this break… I just didn’t expect the break to be like this. This period of uncertainty and isolation has been difficult for sure, but I am so thankful to be where I am today. I am thankful to be able to go outside and spend time with my family. 

When this all began, I would walk around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Eugene and I saw so many families spending quality time together outside. It is so nice to see families spending more time together. 

Although it can be hard to stay positive right now, I do believe there are positive things that have come out of all of this and I encourage you to do your best to keep thinking about the positives. 

Some days are tougher than the rest. I am starting to get restless and eager to get back to work. Finding a new job right now is tough, especially if I want to continue to work in the sports industry, but I am so blessed to be in the position I am: safe at home with my family.

I’ve been debating starting up this blog again, and to be honest, I really don’t know why. I enjoy writing and I have been focusing more on my lifestyle with all of the free time on my hands, so I decided to give it a go again. Hopefully I’ll be adding some new content (like healthy and fun recipes), so I hope you continue to follow along. 

I wish you all the best during these uncertain times and I hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

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