4Ocean Beach Cleanup

Do you ever wake up and do something that makes you feel full of positive energy? 

On Saturday I felt the best that I have in a while. 

I went to the 4Ocean Beach Cleanup at Deerfield Beach and it was incredible to say the least. 

One day after work I decided to go to a beach in Boca Raton. I was shocked by how much trash was all over the beach. It was heartbreaking. 

According to Ocean Conservancy, “an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons that currently circulate our marine environments.” 

The trash that is entering the ocean is affecting the health of wildlife, people and economies. 

4ocean founders saw the problem and decided to do something about it. Their story is pretty amazing. The founders, Alex and Andrew, grew up on the Florida coast. The decided to go on a surf trip to Bali. On their trip they found a beach completely covered in plastic. They asked a local why the shoreline wasn’t kept clean and were told the beaches had been cleaned earlier that day, meaning that all the trash they saw had just been washed ashore. 

4ocean provides gloves and bags to all participants at the beach cleanups

It’s hard to understand the magnitude of the problem until you see it for yourself. Alex and Andrew really understood the problem during their trip to Bali. 

They decided to launch a business with a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. They created the 4ocean bracelet and pledged to pull a pound of trash from the ocean for each one purchased. 

Since the start in 2017, they have recovered 7,179,496 pounds of trash. 

Read more about their story here

Trash in the ocean is a massive problem that continues to grow. Even though one beach cleanup might not seem like a lot, small actions really can make a difference. 

Although it was sad to go to the Deerfield Beach Cleanup and see how much trash was on the beach and in the ocean, it was so heartwarming to see how many people came out to raise awareness and make a difference. 

Sure, anyone can pick up trash on the beach at any given day, but to have a whole community come together visually shows that we can make a difference. Seeing so many people come together makes me (and others) want to continue to help and stop the problem of trash in our oceans. 

I felt so empowered after this event. It made me think about what I want to do in my life. I want to make a difference like these people are doing. 

I encourage you to pick up trash the next time you see it. If you look around, it can be very eye opening. I went on a walk the other day and looked next to me on the path and it was filled with trash. It is horrible to see. We must come together to help end this problem. 

At the beach cleanup, there were over 1,000 participants and I saw so many bags full of trash. That is over 1,000 people picking up trash at just one beach. Let’s make a difference together. Even if you think picking up one piece of trash won’t make a difference, still pick it up. Maybe someone will see you pick up the trash and it will inspire them to help make a difference as well. Every little action helps. 

Every product purchased from 4ocean funds the removal of one pound of trash from the oceans. If you want to support 4ocean and purchase a product, click here.

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