Favorite Restaurant in Nerja, Spain

If you’ve been to Spain, you know that most restaurants have the same exact menu. It gets difficult to find a restaurant that you want to eat at.

We came across a little gem, Vitaliano da Cristina, after we first arrived in Nerja. This place was a breath of fresh air!

To start, we tried our first Sangria in Spain!

We then ordered three different types of fresh pasta with three different sauces. They were all so delicious! My dad didn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the night or the next day. He was so surprised at how much better the fresh pasta tasted than the normal dry pasta we are used to.

It was so good that we ended up eating there for dinner the next night as well!

It is a short walk away from the Balcony of Europe, which is nice because you can enjoy the excitement of the Balcony of Europe and then get away to enjoy a quiet and more relaxing dinner with an ocean view.

My favorite dish was the Verdure Miste (mixed vegetable) with the fresh fettuccine pasta!

They also offered us a little shot at the end of our dinner, which was a fun way to end our time in Nerja!

Nerja was not my favorite stop in Spain, but this little restaurant made it all worth it.

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