Spain: Trying the Famous Paella

If you visit Spain, you have to try the famous paella.

Walking to the Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona definitely got me ready for a night filled with tapas and paella.

Montjuïc Castle is an old military fortress that sits up on a hill overlooking the city.

My family and I started our journey to the castle and walked down the little alleys filled with fun shops and restaurants. We zigzagged through the streets of Barcelona until we ended up at the area surrounding the castle.

If you are in Barcelona, I recommend walking down the little alleys that branch off of La Rambla.

We walked up the hill to the castle (which of course had many stairs – it’s never a Frank Family vacation without stairs) and found ourselves at the beautiful castle with green ivy climbing up the walls.

The view of Barcelona from the top was spectacular. Not only could you see the whole city, but you could also see the beautiful Balearic Sea. The castle doesn’t have much inside of it, but it has remarkable views from the top.

We headed back down the hill and explored more of the city on our way back to the apartment. We ended up walking 12 miles!

For dinner we headed to a restaurant recommended to us called Vigo. It was absolutely delicious!! I highly recommend it. This is where we tried the popular dish in Spain called Seafood Paella.

There are different variations of paella, but seafood seems to be the most common. I think if we get it again we will get the vegetarian version, but it was still so delicious. We also shared a few more tapas including a Spanish potato omelet. It was so good!

It was the perfect way to end the night. We laughed and talked, shared great Spanish food, shared a bottle of rosé, and simply had a great time.

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