Filling Up My Own Gas for the First Time

Moving to Florida came with many new changes. 

A new lifestyle, a new job, a new climate and area, new people, etc….

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park


There is one thing that I can now laugh about that really freaked me out when I first moved here…

Filling up my own gas. 

I have lived in Oregon my entire life. In Oregon, in almost all scenarios, you are not allowed to fill up your own gas. So, someone else has always done it for me. 

It has been a running joke with my friends from other states, but once I got to Florida, it was no longer a joke. 

I was borrowing a family member’s car for my first week in Florida. I wanted to fill up the gas tank after using it… But I didn’t know how.

So here I am… standing at some random gas station in Palm Beach Shores calling my dad to help him guide me through the process. 

Not only am I trying to figure out how to pump my own gas, but I’m filling up someone else’s car.

It was the most terrifying thing. 

I was just waiting for this to happen.

I’m starting to get used to it, but trust me… It still freaks me out.

I don’t think my dad stopped laughing throughout the entire phone call. I can’t help but laugh about it too. It was pretty funny. 

Moral of the story… There are going to be many changes that happen in life that come with doing things you are uncomfortable with. It may not be something as silly as filling up your own gas, but whatever it is, it’s important to realize that everyone goes through times where they are trying something new. 

I’ve learned that it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone. It won’t be easy at times, but I can tell you more times than not, it will be worth it.

One thought on “Filling Up My Own Gas for the First Time

  1. Shari

    I still remember my first self serve fill up too. It took me multiple fill ups to figure out how to click the pump to hold it in ‘on’ position until it was full, so I’d stand there pretending I wanted to be holding the filthy thing. Lol.

    You write well. Thanks for sharing your moments

    Liked by 1 person

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